A Better Social Internet

Platforms Suck When the internet first started being a thing for the general population, it was met with great excitement about how it would democratize the distribution of information, both for publishers and consumers. In general this has been true, but in the earlier days, it was more true than it is today. Back then, … Continue reading A Better Social Internet

The Solution to Every Text Input Problem

Have you ever wanted to be able to actually type on your phone without a robot trying to read your mind based on your typos? Have you ever wanted to be able to type quickly and accurately with a game controller? Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to search for a TV Series on Netflix … Continue reading The Solution to Every Text Input Problem

AI Art

A while back I saw a video of some Japanese animators trying to do a similar experiment, and both of these experiments have gotten me thinking. When AI can create characters that are human enough, when they can render scenes that are realistic enough, and they can stumble into interactions between these objects that are … Continue reading AI Art