The Internet Has Failed

I wanna go on a little rant about "the internet" and how far our expectations have fallen. When it first started to be a thing, the internet was a bunch of individuals connecting their machines through commonly shared protocols that made it possible for anyone to participate. We created a bunch of new ideas that … Continue reading The Internet Has Failed

My Mormon Mission Experience

Today while cruising Reddit I saw a post about Mormon missions (yes, Mormon. This is the word I was raised with and I'm not going to submit to Russel's 30 year old grief with Gordon), and I decided that I would go ahead and share my experience as I remember it. Obviously some details aren't … Continue reading My Mormon Mission Experience

Is the Steam Deck a Nintendo killer?

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming platform entering a handheld game market dominated by the Nintendo Switch for real games and phones/tablets for useless distractions. People playing on phones and tablets aren’t the same as people playing on the Switch, and the Deck will compete much more directly with Nintendo‘s handheld. Can the Deck … Continue reading Is the Steam Deck a Nintendo killer?