This post is going to be largely a rehashing of Adam Conover's recent video on the topic, but I already held these opinions before seeing that video. If you'd rather just watch that, here you go: Immediately after watching that video, I saw that our dear friend Hank Green made a video about how … Continue reading AI is BORING

A Better Social Internet

Platforms Suck When the internet first started being a thing for the general population, it was met with great excitement about how it would democratize the distribution of information, both for publishers and consumers. In general this has been true, but in the earlier days, it was more true than it is today. Back then, … Continue reading A Better Social Internet

Carbon and Other “Successor Languages”

Looking at the Carbon document on GitHub, they list several "successor languages": Java -> Kotlin (creator / maintainer: Jetbrains, supported by Google)Objective-C -> Swift (creator / maintainer: Apple)Javascript -> Typescript (creator / maintainer: Microsoft)C++ -> Carbon (creator / maintainer: Google) What do ALL of these successor languages have in common? They have all been created … Continue reading Carbon and Other “Successor Languages”

Is the Steam Deck a Nintendo killer?

The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming platform entering a handheld game market dominated by the Nintendo Switch for real games and phones/tablets for useless distractions. People playing on phones and tablets aren’t the same as people playing on the Switch, and the Deck will compete much more directly with Nintendo‘s handheld. Can the Deck … Continue reading Is the Steam Deck a Nintendo killer?