Short Stories

I’ve written a few fantasy short stories. They all take place in the same world, and follow a few of the same characters. Please enjoy.

The Mountain’s Bones

Keothrid’s peaceful day herding goats is interrupted when goblins come by. Goblins, however, may just be the start of her troubles. After pursuing the goat thieves, she finds herself deep underground, pulled into an adventure involving ghosts and ancient dwarven skeletons. Will she survive the horrors living under the mountain?

The Road to Menidurtoc

Destruction has come to town. A warband of raging goblins is threatening to destroy everything that the frontiersmen have fought to build. Now the elderly Eldieg and his granddaughter, Keothrid, must flee for their lives. Find out whether or not they are able to pull through the long night, and make the trek through the hills to Menidurtoc.

The Making of Durist

Durist the dwarf was immensely proud of what he and his brother had accomplished, but there were some details about their success that he wasn’t allowed to know. While Durist dreamt of the possibilities their newfound wealth would bring, there were forces at play which would throw his future into doubt. Discover how he coped with the troubles that came his way.