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There are two options for following this blog. You can use’s tools or a feed reader.

This blog is hosted on, so if you have an account there you can use their tools to follow this blog.

The better option, though, is to use a feed reader.

For some of you, the feed reader needs no introduction, but others may find a little explanation useful. A feed reader app allows you to subscribe to websites and follow the content that is published there. There is no mediator between you and the publisher. You control what content you see and how it is sorted. The creator of the feed reader is incentivized to maximize your control over how you consume content, rather than control you in order to consume the content they want you to see.

A very popular feed reader app that has a nice UI is Feedly. It has a web app and can be found on your app store. A nice thing about this particular app is that it automatically syncs your subscriptions across all the Feedly apps, so you only have to subscribe once. There are other feed reader apps available though, and you can use any that you like. Another one that I use is the Feedbro plugin for Firefox which integrates a feed reader directly into my browser.

After you install Feedly and log in, all you have to do to follow this blog is search for in the search bar and then press the follow button. That’s it!