My Mormon Mission Experience

Today while cruising Reddit I saw a post about Mormon missions (yes, Mormon. This is the word I was raised with and I'm not going to submit to Russel's 30 year old grief with Gordon), and I decided that I would go ahead and share my experience as I remember it. Obviously some details aren't … Continue reading My Mormon Mission Experience

Irrational Consumption and You: Apple Edition

Having watched some 2021 WWDC (Apple developer conference), I wanna talk about irrational consumption. Specifically, the irrational consumption of many computational products. A lot of this has been stewing in my mind for many months, so I’ve decided to take a moment and spill them out as quickly as I can. If you're not interested … Continue reading Irrational Consumption and You: Apple Edition


The wind was blowing hard over head, but down between the shoulders of two ridges, he was protected. He followed the bottom of the ravine, and dark, harshly broken boulders spread out around him. Broken shale crunched and skittered beneath his feet. The quickly fading light of the late evening sun did little to illuminate the dusty … Continue reading Sunset