Coming Soon

A Light Novel

So far, I’ve only published short stories, but I’m now currently hard at work on a novel. It’s still a shorter work, and I plan on it coming in at around 50k-60k words. It’s inspired by Japanese light novels and anime, and I’m hoping to have some pretty awesome character art pieces from one of my favorite illustrators.

The story is a lighthearted fantasy about a nerd who finds himself transported to a fantasy world with no way to return to his former life. As he adventures through this new world, he quickly realizes that being a hero is no easier in a fantasy world than it was before, and that he still has all of the same problems now that he had always had.

It’s also pretty silly, and I think it’s funny. I’ve gotten some positive feedback, so hopefully you’ll find some parts of amusing too.

I wanted to write this novel because I wanted to get something out that was longer format than my previous short stories, but still not so complex that I wouldn’t be able to execute quickly on it. I’m kind of a lazy guy, and if I don’t see snappy progress on a project I tend to get discouraged and go work on something else. This novel has turned out to be perfect in this regard.

There are also a couple of thematic things I wanted to explore. One was this idea that I feel like fantasy has become a bit too over the top lately. In many ways fantasy media is starting to resemble super hero stories, and that troubles me. It’s not necessarily that I want to get rid of super heroes, but I also think that there’s something about traditional fantasy that you don’t get in super hero stories.

Another theme I’m touching on is trying to depict combat sequences more realistically than most fantasy media does. There is magic in my story, but it’s not that important. Any show of force must come from the characters themselves. So I’ve been reading up on HEMA, watching videos, and looking at a lot of Fiore de Libre and Talhoffer manuscripts. Hopefully, I managed to capture some of that realism. My reasoning for wanting to do this is fairly complex (not “realism is better”), and I should probably write a blog post about it sometime.